22 Oct

How to Make Money Online

Ah !! Now that’s my favorite topic. I love to make money online but I love sharing the tips and tricks with others too. Guess what? It actually pays. Today I am going to write some articles to compile a running list of methods to make money online. Let’s get started:

  1. Flipping – That’s one of my favorite methods. Flipping works with domain names, websites and even apps. Domain flipping is a very lucrative business. But at times one needs to invest in good domains which may mean a good amount of seed investment. Therefore I personally like Website Flipping. It means buy / sell websites. Most of the times creating a website and selling is more profitable. Often one has to keep the website with him till it matures and starts giving results. There are a lot of buyers in flipping market for a good website or web business. However be genuine about your product. Giving false revenue or traffic information about your web asset not only hurts your credibility but also puts the buyer in loss & is very unethical. There is a big marketplace for flipping mobile apps too. One such popular marketplace is Flippa.com.


  1. Become an affiliate marketer – This method earns great amount money online & there are several niches in this method. You should pick up a niche where you think you can outperform or have domain knowledge.

What’s affiliate marketing?
In simple words, it means selling for someone else and earn a commission on what you sold.

This method works for Physical products (retail goods) and Info products (ebooks, web tools) equally. What makes this method a very lucrative one is the rate of commission. Typically Info Products offer a commission of 40%-70%. Sometimes even the rate is bumped up to 100% for the front end product. So a question might come up as what’s a front end product? I will probably cover it in a separate post. But just for the sake of completeness, front end product is the product which is offered for sale on the main sales page. Typically with Info products, there are upsells, downsells & OTOs. These are value added products and sometimes high tickets too. Typically a successful sales funnel of an info product provides a chance to earn $100-$300 to the affiliate marketers.

Some important networks in this business are JVZoo.com & ClickBank.com

For Retail Goods, the concept is very much same. An affiliate marketer creates a website and lists products from various retailers. If a user visits his store & decides to buy a product, the visitor is redirected to retailer’s site. Due to tracking in-built in the redirection link, retailers know that the visitor is coming from the affiliate marketer’s site. Now if the visitor makes a purchase, affiliate marketer is paid a commission. Typically this commission is 4% – 10%.

There are several tools or wordpress plugins available to setup an affiliate website. The best so far we found is Magic Store Builder. (http://magicstorebuilder.com) This software helps to churn out an affiliate store or a niche specific store in literally minutes. It needs a little bit of server setup but their support team helps you out with it.

  1. Sell a eBook – This is kind of related to Method 2 above but it’s actually the other side of the coin. Instead of selling someone else’s eBook, this method suggests to write your own. It typically needs a good amount of time, effort and domain knowledge. Noobies should probably stay away from this until they pick up some experience on the way.


  1. Sell Stock Photos – I think the name says it all. If you are passionate about photography, you must try this method. Fotolia, iStockPhotos.com & ShutterStock.com are great places to start exploring this option.


  1. Sell Online – Ebay, Amazon, Buy.com & even other retailers allow users like us to list and sell our own products. One can list their used products or buy in bulk and sell retail on these marketplaces. Amazon offers a program called “Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)” which is very popular technique of selling things online. Combine that with Drop Shipping and Voila !! I will write a separate article for just that some day.


There are many other methods like fiverr, social marketing, SEO, outsourcing, Virtual Assistants, fill up surveys, create graphics, do a voiceover, mystery shopping etc. However I don’t have enough details about them with authority. I am sure the methods I listed will trigger some curiosity in your minds and you will start looking for more information. Post your questions or write comments and we can get those answered here and now!!

Enjoy… Make lots of money online!!

21 Oct

How to reduce SPAM Complaints?

If you have a big list and a small percent of SPAM or other complaints, you are probably treating it as a non-issue. Guess what? It’s a big issue, because if your messages are considered SPAM then they might get escalated into complaints and accusations. 

But not to worry!! With just by taking small corrective steps you can reduce risk of SPAM, minimize complaints, rate of unsubscription. This will also improve the responsiveness of your list and typically results in more sales. Now who don’t want to pocket those extra dollars? 

Here are 4 key steps:

  • Confirmed Opt-in : That’s a Gorrilla shield. When you double opt-in, you basically have authorisation from the user to send you emails. However.. word of caution here. That may still not stop the unsubscription rate if you send irrelevant content to your list. 


  • Identify “You” : How many times you have deleted emails because you don’t know the sender? Same thing is applicable when you are a sender. Use your company name & address in your email. That’s not only necessary to comply with CAN SPAM legislation but also helps in creating trust about your identity. 


  • Don’t Send SPAM : You can reduce SPAM complaints if you don’t send any SPAM. Yeah, Right?  But sometimes messages are genuine but they end up being tagged as SPAM. Simple steps will help reducing it
    • KISS – Keep it short and simple :)
    • Plain Text vs HTML – sometimes HTML code or images are blocked by browsers. Use Plain Text wherever possible. 
    • Fewer Links – One or Two links are good enough. Adding more links makes your email look spammy.
    • Don’t fool around – Using techniques like hash or numbers instead of words is outdated. Your message will still be tagged as SPAM if you use F*REE instead of FREE.
    • Run a SPAM Check – Tools like GetResponse, Aweber has built-in SPAM checkers. Why not use them?


  • Easy Unsubscribe : Well.. giving a easy unsubscribe button won’t reduce the rate of unsubscription but it will reduce the rate of complains for sure. Again feed your users with useful information and they won’t leave you.
21 Oct

Six Steps to use Opt-in form on your website / blog

Six Steps to use Opt-in form with GetResponse: 

  1. Put a GetResponse opt-in form on your website. You can create your own HTML code or use GetResponse’s easy Web Form Wizard to choose among different formats and layouts, matching the form to your site’s design.
  2. Provide clear, compelling benefits as to why the visitor should subscribe to your list. Use the bullet format if possible, as it’s proven to be effective.
  3. Be upfront with your visitors that the download link will be provided in the email they receive after confirming their intention to subscribe.
  4. On the “Thank You” page where your visitors are taken upon submitting the form let your subscribers know that they need to confirm their subscription. Tell them to check to check their inbox and look for a specific Subject line, so that they know what they are looking for. Mention that they need to click on the confirmation link contained in that email to be taken to the download page.
  5. You may put the download directly on the subscription confirmation page, which is the page that shows up when the subscriber clicks on the confirmation link. You may configure this page in your GetResponse’s account Settings / Confirmed Opt-in / Subscription confirmation page URL.
  6. As your prospective customer has already confirmed their email address, you may also send her the download link in your autoresponse message (interval 0).
21 Oct

How to increase your sign-ups, conversions and get more customers?

The easy answer to this question is – offer an incentive to your visitors on your website and capture their details using any lead capturing tools like Mailchimp, GetResponse, Aweber or Constant Contact. 

Now someone might ask “What can I offer to my visitors?

Well just look around you and you will find your answer. A tea shop offers a sip of their best selling tea. Donut giants offer a free hot donut. Retailers offer coupons to save money. Microsoft offers free tools or beta/trial versions of their software. Even free upgrades!! 

I think you got the point already. There are some ideas listed below for rookies:

  1. News Letter – It’s a great way to keep in touch with your customers, win their trust & earn some credibility. You can at times promote some deals & offers. But typically a customer is looking for some vital information or updates. Customers are pretty smart and hate being sold. So if you see your unsubscribe rate going up, stop promoting and start sending more useful information.
  2. Free Ebooks – This is a substitute for someone who don’t like to write every day. Instead just sit and write once to create a nice packaged information about your business or industry / niche that you are in. Typically it should have information useful to your visitors. It may also have coupons or promotional offers which will help drive some sales. 
  3. Upgrades / trial software – If you are the owner of the software, it’s pretty much affordable for you to give away a trial version of your software. If a customer finds value in your product he will come back for more. Upgrades work in the same fashion too. I like this option more than selling first and refund later. 

Many people think that they are done once they set up a web form with “Thank You” page taking the user to download. But wait.. that’s not real. Sometimes visitors use a fake email address to just get to the download / free bonus part. Result ?? A big list with email ids that bounce. You can’t use them to follow-up or promote. It’s simply a waste of time and effort. 

How to reduce fake email signups?

Answer is easy!! Use Confirmed Opt-in model. It simply means user has to confirm his email by clicking on a link sent in the confirmation email before even they get to download your product. But beware, it may reduce conversion rate of your web form or advertizing campaign if you are running one.